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Welding Positioning and Tilting Device

Turning and tilting device for welding of heavy components.

Unsing this machine you can tilt and turn heavy welding parts until the optimal position for welding is reached.

The electric control system is pre - configurated for communication with other equipment for example roller trestles or welding robots.

Technical data:

Dimension, tilting device in horizontal position: LxWxH 7000x4000x1400 mm

Tilting table movable in 15° steps until the 90° position is reached, fixation with columns.

Maximum weight tilted welding part: 45t

Maximum weight welding part fixed on table in 90° position: 100t

Diameter turntable: 4000 mm

Turning device can be fixed on three different positions on the tilting table.

Maximum torque on the turning table: 300kNm

Rotation speed turntable nmin=0,056 U/min, nmax=0,67U/min

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