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Equipment for Defusing and Disposal of Ammunition

Our equipment for defusing and disposal of ammunition has been designed under strict adherence to applicable European standards for safe and environmentally compatible defusing and disposal of ammunition that has been sorted out or exceeded its storage limit; loose explosive material and unexploded ordnance. Equipment is of modular design so that it can be exactly tailored to customer’s requirements, even in case of subsequent extensions. High throughput rates and the appropriate rate of automation make the defusing and disposal of ammunition economically profitable. The complete plant composed of defusing and disposal unit, waste gas cleaning and utility supply units can be delivered on a turn-key basis both for mobile and stationary service.

Design and components

The detonation furnace for thermal destruction of ammunition parts or complete ammunition developed, designed and manufactured by PHM Industrieanlagen GmbH forms the core of the plant. Temperature can be infinitely varied up to 650°C so that the existing explosive material is thermally destructed through deflagration or detonation. This process ensures that slag and scrap remaining in the furnace are totally free from explosive matter. Cartridges and artillery shells up to gauge 37 may be defused and disposed without prior dismantling.

The waste gas resulting from thermal destruction of ammunition contains a number of air pollutants and toxic compounds. These compounds have their origin either in the explosive materials or in various effective charges and additives. This waste gas must be properly cleaned before it can be released to atmosphere. Requirements of waste gas cleaning and potential emission measurements are defined in the statutory provisions but may vary according to county of plant installation and kind of ammunition.

Technical data of detonation furnace:

Feedstock: Explosive insulated or delaborated ammunition

Intrinsic safety of detonation chamber: 1.5 kg NEM (Net weight of explosive matter)

Admissible continuous loading
1 kg NEM / Charge (corresponds to some 250 units 7.62 x 39 mm)

Maximum throughput rate: 6 metric tons of ammunition / day; 28 kg NEM / h (dependent on kind of ammunition, corresponds to some 14000 units 7.62 x 39 mm)

Temperature inside detonation chamber: 350 - 650°C

Heating: Indirect electric heating

Feeding: Flat-belt conveyor and safety lock

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Ammunition disposal device
Detonation furnace for defusing and disposal of ammunition
Feeding unit, detonation furnace
Loading of ammunition defusing and disposal plant
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