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Metallurgical Vehicles, Ladle Cars, Slag Cars, Coil Cars

Manufacturing optional either according to  BEAB E&S GmbH design or according to the basic- and/or detail engineering of our customer:

  • Ladle Transport Car
  • Metallurgical Vehicles
  • Ladle Car
  • Tundish Transfer Car
  • Slag Ladle Car
  • Hearth Furnace Bogie
  • Scrap Bucket Car
  • Slag Car
  • Coil Transfer Car
  • Coil Lift Truck
  • Slab Transport Car
  • Transport Vehicles for Plates and Profiles  
  • Other Vehicles for Metallurgical Usage
Ladle transfer car
Ladle car
Tundish transfer car
Tundish car
Ladle transport and maintenance system
Transport system for steel ladles
Ladle car, workshop assembly
Ladle car with ladle tilting device
Metallugical vehicle
Ladle transport car, dispatch from workshop