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Furnace Equipment, Components of Furnaces and Electro-Arc Furnaces, Secondary Metallurgy

Manufacturing either according to our in-house engineering or regarding to the basic- and/or detail engineering of our customers:

  • Loading and Unloading Machinery
  • Pushing Devices
  • Extracting Devices
  • Separation Devices
  • Lifting Beam Conveyer
  • Bogie for Hearth Furnace, Furnace Car
  • Door Mechanism
  • Roller Table for Hot Material

Manufacturing according to the engineering of our clients:

  • Electrode Handling Device
  • Electrode Bracket
  • Components of Vacuum Treatment Systems
  • Oxygen Lance
  • Pressure and Temperature Lance
  • Converter
  • Cover Manipulator
  • Lance Manipulator
  • Ladle Lifting Device
  • Sand Feeding Device
EAF tilting device
Tilting device for electro arc furnace
Electrode charging device
Electrode handling device
Slab extracter, Slab loader
Loading and unloading device
Lances for secondary metallurgy, workshop assembly
Oxygen lances
Ladle lifting device for vacuum treatment plant
Ladle lifting ring