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Finishing Line Equipment, Dressing and Straightening Lines

We deliver different finishing line equipment and components of dressing and straightening lines. The engineering is provided by our customer or BEAB E&S GmbH. Among other products we are offering:

  • Removal- and cross transfer devices
  • Pusher
  • Chain conveyors
  • Separation devices
  • Cooling beds
  • Lifting beam conveyors
  • Walking beam conveyors 
  • Counting-, stacking- and weighting devices
  • Feeder, loading- and unloading machines
  • Charging - discharging machines
  • Turn over devices
  • Tilting- and shifting Devices
  • Slab tilting device 
  • Thick plate turning device
  • Bloom turning machine
  • Chain turning machine
  • Turning devices for blooms, tin plates and billets
  • Heavy load transportation cars  
  • Roller tables
  • Test desk with bar- / tube guiding device
  • Inlet and outlet guides
Finishing line for sheet piling
Finishing line
Thick plate turn over device
Slab tilting device
Cooling bed, pre assembly of one segment
Cooling bed
Extracting machine after cooling bed continous casting machine
Transfer Device