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Continuous Casting Equipment

Manufacturing according to the basic- and detail engineering of our customers: 

  • Continuous Casting Segments
  • Strand Guides
  • Mould
  • Oscillation
  • Lifting frame
  • Straightening and Bending Pinch Roll Device
  • Dummy Bar, Dummy Bar Take Up
  • Segment Alignment Stand
  • Manipulator for Shrouding Nozzles
  • Tundish

Manufacturing optional according to our own in-house engineering or regarding to the basic- and / or detail engineering of our customer:

  • Segment Manipulator
  • Tundish Transfer Car
  • Ladle Turret, Ladle Rotating Tower
  • Roller Table for Hot Material
  • Cooling Bed, Rollover Cooling Bed
Workshop Manufacturing of Segments
Manufacturing of Segments for Continuous Casting Machine
Segment Manipulator, Continuous Casting Machine
Manipulator for Automatic Changing of Segments
Base Frame Ladle Turntable
Ladle Turret, Base Frame
Overhauling of a Segment
Revamp Segment Continuous Casting Machine
Frame with Oscillation Device
Lifting Frame
Tundish Car
Tundish Transfer Car