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Engineering and manufacturing of heavy machines for special purpose.

Our products are typically unique designed machines, engineered and manufactured according to the customers special needs. 

The machines, manufactured in our workshop are either in-house designed by our subsidiary BEAB E&S or the design will be provided by our customer. In this case we can offer a detail engineering service to adapt the machine to the particular requirements of the project and for optimizing the manufacturing process.

The production of the machines and parts occurs with a high degree of in-house production depth in our workshop with the advantage of a complete quality control as well as a flexible production control. Thereby we have fast and effective intervention possibilities for changes in the project regarding design, adaptions and / or corrections in the time table - an advantage to pass on to our customers.

Please get informed on the following pages about the products made in our workshop, the products we have developed and the detailed manufacturing possibilities of the Prämab-Workshop.

Manufacturing of a large sawing machine
Manufacturing of heavy machines
Workshop, assembly area
Machines for special purpose
Assembly of machines for special purpose
Workshop assembly
Complete manufacturing of a large shear
Pre assembly