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Workshop assembly, Test Run, Start-Up

During the workshop assembly we profit of the long-standing experience of our employees in the assembly of machines. Whether machines from the metallurgy, the steel and rolling mill technology, the blast furnace technology, the materials handling technology or other branches of the heavy industry, we guarantee a faultless and swift workshop assembly of your machine including the assembly of electrical equipment, hydraulics, pneumatics.

If some component or part has to be changed or modified during assembly, we can arrange this at a short notice. We use the benefits of a high in-house production depth and the physical and organizational proximity of the manufacturing workshop.

  • Crane capacity, Piece Weight up to 90 t
  • Height under crane hooks 12 m, when using the assembly pit 15 m
  • Clamping plate field for fitting and workshop test run of complete machines and components
  • Electro-, hydraulics and pneumatics assembly

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Workshop assembly
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